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Welcome to Nutritionista Morales, where we are dedicated to transforming lives through the power of nutrition and exercise. At Nutritionista Morales, we believe that a healthy life is the foundation for a full and vibrant existence.

Health is the most important thing we have and that is why we cannot put it in the hands of just anyone. This also has an impact on diet since it is a fundamental pillar of health for all people. For this reason, it is very important to have appropriate and licensed professionals to learn how to nourish and feed ourselves correctly.

Nutrition and physical activity as a basis to promote well-being in health, providing essential nutrients, promoting energy, vitality and mental clarity of the human being. These help prevent disease and weight control, strengthening the immune system to keep life at an optimal level.



Professional trained to

advise, implement, guide and plan diet plans since we have experience in issues related to food and health. We work to achieve good or better health through food. Our functions seek to focus on individualized attention or address groups of people, always taking into account the objectives, needs and conditions of each individual.


Nutritional Assessment 2.png

Nutritional Assessment

Individual menu creation.png

Individual Menu Creation


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Diet Certification

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Nutritional Group Talks

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Home Nutrition Assessment (Home Care)

Initial Nutritional Assessment
- (Medical Plan)

45 min

Nutritional Assessment Follow-up
- (Medical Plan)

30 min

Private Initial Nutritional Assessment
- (No Medical Plan)


Nutritional Assessment Private Follow-Up
- (No Medical Plan)


Vegan Bowl
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